Open Laszlo Meetup

Today I attended Open Laszlo meeting. It was amazing. I met so many cool people who are so passionate about what they are doing. I never knew about Laszlo and only yesterday came to know about it. I checked their website and realized that they are meeting today! What a coincidence? The technology looks very cool. I have a couple of places where I can use it. I am going to recommend it to my boss very strongly and where we can use it. I also have many ideas of how I can use it in my other pet projects. I am very excited about how it’s going to solve my very big issue of cross browser compatibility.

Long time

It’s been a long time I wrote anything here on my blog. But the past 1 month has been an amazing one for me. There have been so many changes that happened and so many things that I welcome. For starters, I started reading “The Artist’s Way”. It’s an amazing book. I haven’t gone past 1st chapter yet, but the “Artist Pages” part from the 1st chapter is changing my world. Everyday, I wake up and write 3 pages of my streaming mind. It clears off my mind and helps me all day. May be that is why I didn’t had anything to write to on my blog

Another amazing thing was we happen to watch the movie “The Secret” from one of our friends. This movie completely changed my life. I have been listening to the audio book and it’s such an amazing concept. I am going to make ‘The Secret’ part of my life.

We are moving to India next month for about 6-8 months. Me and Sangita want to remember all the stories about our journey and stay there. So, today we created a new blog for our stories. It’s going to be here –