Vivid Dreams

Ok this is weird but I think I realized a correlation recently. In the past few days – I am doing this news and feeds diet. Meaning, no reckless browsing on reddit, hufpost or facebook. It was hard first few days but I was getting more done! (I know, obvious right?) I wanted to keep that going and have been but something else has been happening. In the past 2 nights I have been having extremely detail and vivid dreams. It’s rare I see such a flurry of dreams so vivid and for so many days. When I woke up this morning I can remember a whole lineup of dreams and even though I slept for 7 hours my eyes were aching and didn’t want me to wake up.

I am not sure if these 2 things are related but may be all those neurons I am killing with aimless tech browsing are finally being utilized to provide entertainment during my sleep! I love it. sleeping-ganesha

Being Aware and Clear

As I journaled away my thoughts and complaints today I realized something good. I usually address my letter to Swami and pour out whatever is coming through. I think and treat him as if he is listening to me and sympathising with what I am saying. As I complained away – I realized or rather remembered that the point of power is within me and my complaints are actually shaping my very mindset about issues at hand.

I have always felt like that there is some secret mantra to life. I mean some kind of blueprint and pathway directing me every moment about what I should do next. But I don’t think there is any now. But how do I proceed through this jigsaw? I think there is only one way to it – As we are told about how being aware of our breath is a form of meditation (Thich Nhat Hanh talks a lot about this) so do I believe being aware of what I want in every moment is the only way of having a clarity in this life.

I know both aren’t easy and sound like they need a lot of work. I agree, but that is the only way to step back from our lives’ autopilot. You can think of 2 thoughts entwined – like when you become aware of your breath also ask – what do I want? Like in this specific moment. I may not have answer for all the moments and I may not remember to be aware of my breath all the time.

Again, it’s one way of living and passing through life’s various curved paths.