Content and Pattern

The conscious mind loves content and sub-conscious mind works on patterns. We love to keep engaged with stories and theories around us and that’s the part of Conscious brain. The sub-conscious however though excels at pattern recognition and most of the time is extracting patterns from the the content that is being fed through the conscious mind. Like anything else in our lives, we need a good balance of these two.

I feel like in this link happy world and facebook shares – we get bogged down by a lot of stories. A lot of them unnecessary. But we read them, we talk and chat about them. What it does however is it kinda creates this fog in conscious part of the brain. This further creates confusion to sub-conscious as it’s not able to extract concrete patterns out of it. This results in sub-conscious mind creating contradicting patterns. Which actually hurts us more than anything.

I believe checking out facebook (a lot) is like death by 1000 cuts. It’s slow but eventually the brain goes numb. I am not against FB in specific but in general how this social media sharing is used in day to day lives.

I feel what meditation does is basically stops the content to the conscious mind for the amount of time and thereby gives subconscious mind a opportunity to sort out stuff. And I think there are many other activities that we do – something deep like that happens. Like when we say the morning sun took my breath away. It’s doing more than that.