November Books

I buy and read a lot of books. But there has been no pattern to it. I mean, I start like 5 books and then close up on them in like a year. But whats happening with that mode is – I do get to think about ideas a little longer (or forget about them and re-read them) but I am missing the connections. I like it when I read a couple of books and my mind when it’s idle, just starts to connect things. Like when I was reading The Whole Brain Child (Highly recommend it for parents and would be parents) – I was able to connect a lot of ideas to how we perceive time – past, present and future.

To give a structure – I am going to try a new method. I am going to try to read and finish 3-4 books next month. I will take notes and document all the ways that my mind creates connections. I will write a post about it at the end of the month. Here are the 4 books I am considering. At the outset it may looks this is a total random selection, but I see some similarities in them. And that is the goal of reading this month to make the connections.

Google please make this…

I have a request for Google. I believe only Google can make this happen, well Apple can too but they won’t. Given how Google maps trump Apple maps and given how the usage of WiFi everywhere has gone up, I firmly believe this will be a great device. Here are the details.

– Create a GPS device with Google maps on it.

– This could be android based and it doesn’t really matter.

– I should be able to see the device through some Google interface.

– So, when I am looking for directions on my laptop – I should be able to save the directions and send it to my device.

– The killer feature of this device would be – in addition to GPS connection, it would also be connected to a cellular network.

– This device will take the cellular network and spit out a local WiFi network. Like what those Verizon MiFi devices do.

I believe this would be a cool device. Imagine if you can stream Elmo on Netflix to your kids in the backseat of the car (on their iPads or iPhones). Imagine that every address search you make online is saved as a maps search history on this device which you can conveniently use it. The device could be small enough so that when I am out of my car I can carry it with me and still use it as a MiFi device.

So, Google please make this device and I am willing to pay for it!