Re-friending, re-trying

Today after a long long gap we got to hang out with a bunch of old dear friends whom we had lost couple of years back. It was very nice to catch up. The initial awkwardness aside – great food and drinks really helped. It was fun. It was kinda nostalgic and also left us with a feeling of warmth. Hope this attempt would work this time.

I think, in my life there have been 2 kinds of responses to these conflict based situations.

  1. Give up on situation
  2. Give up on people

Giving up on situations was easy. Totally mental and never felt any emotions. Giving up on people has been hard. I think it’s hard because it’s connected to the heart. There were so many times in my life where I was faced with decision where I had to give up on a friend. It was becoming too toxic. It was painful. They also leave too deep a scar. No matter how many times I have done it, it never gets easy.

So here is to hope that we would be successful this time.