Simple empowering way to live

Here is another distilled wisdom I have figured out:

1. In the present choose : Happiness, Peace, and Love

2. For future to experience, choose : Wealth, Abundance, and Joy

3. This will lead to all kinds of opportunities in my environment

4. Then implement # 1 and choose to utilize the opportunities

If you see the list, it all about me choosing something consciously. The only way to lead empowered life is living consciously.

4 Things I look for in a perfect job

There comes a time in everyone’s life – where the experience accumulated just distills and becomes into simple things. I have realized something like that for me in my job area. After all these years working in a standard compartmentalized working environment – I realized 4 things I look for in a perfect job. Here are those 4 qualities

1. Purpose/Usefulness: It doesn’t have to be eradicating world hunger, but I would like a job which clearly has a purpose or my job fulfills some unmet needs of a customer.

2. Technology/Coolness: I don’t really like COBOL or for that matter work on some old Access to Excel conversion project. I believe today’s problems can’t be solved with yesterday’s technology. It doesn’t really has to be the cutting edge a.k.a “beta” software, but it could be something current and cool. And if you got yesterday’s problem – that’s a whole another story.

3. Flexible: I have come to conclusion that I can’t just work in one location/seat for a long time. I get bored easily with long ass meetings that go nowhere. I find inspiration around me and I have realized that it’s only possible when I pass through various environments. So, one day I would love to work in my beige cubicle, one day it would be in a coffee shop, one day at home in my jammies, one day just out in a park. All it matters is to get the task on that day done. With Skype, wifi and gmail I can be mobile and work across continents.

4. Pays well: I love open source, working towards a goal, helping people etc – but I can’t code on an empty stomach/wallet. I am not that materialistic, but I do value my talents and my skillset. I want to get paid for all the efforts, expertise and skills and get paid well because I work very hard to be different and creative in my work.

Itna to Karna Swami

I love listening and going to sleep with Anup Jalota’s music. I am addicted to his bhajans from the past 3 years. But there is one bhajan that shakes me up and brings tears to my eyes. I often catch myself humming this during my day. It’s called “Itna to karna Swami” (Oh Lord, Please do this much)

itna to karna swami
jab praan tan se nikale

Govind naam leke
ab praan tan se nikale
sri ganga ji ka tat ho
jamuna ka vansh vat ho
mera sawara nikat ho
jab pran tan se nikale

pitambari kasi ho
chavi man eh basi ho
hoto pe kuch hasi ho
jab pran tan se nikale

jab kanth praan aye
koi rog na sathaye
yam daras na dikhaye
jab pran tan se nikale

us vakt jaldi aana
nahi shaam bhul jaan
radhe ko sath laana
jab pran tan se nikale

ek bhakt ki hai arji
khud garj ki hai arji
aage tumhari marji
jab pran tan se nikale

Meaning:  Oh Lord, Please do this much, when the soul leaves my body, that I take Your beautiful name of Govinda. Whether it be the Holy Ganges River, or the Yamuna River where Lord Krsna spend His time playing the flute.

May Lord Krsna be present. Looking at Lord Krsna’s attractive yellow garnment made a strong prescene of my heart. I start to smile at this. When the souls starts to leave from my throat, and there is no way to stop this, at this critical, may I never see the face of Yamaraja.

At this critical time when death comes quickly, never forget Lord Syama! May I ask, “Oh Syama! Please bring Sri Radhe with You!” This devotee is making such a plea that is selfish. Since I have made such please, from this point, You can decide what You wish to do to me.

Good meeting

Last Saturday we went to our 3rd Hyderabad Expat group meeting. There were about 7 people who attended. It was such a good meeting. Finally after moving to India in the past 4 months I had fun meeting and talking to people. There were some very cool people who have been working, living here for such a long time(about 4 years!) and also some of them who recently came to India(like last week). Overall it reminded me of our good old days of Oakland where we would have dinner and good chat with our friends. I am looking forward to our next meeting.