The Producer’s talk

In his great book called – The Now Habit – Niel Fiore describes how producers differ from procrastinators. Here are 5 common sentences that needs to be replaced in procrastinator’s language.

  1. I have to ==> replace with ==> I choose to
  2. I must finish ==> replace with ==> When can I start?
  3. This is so big ==> replace with ==> I can take one small step.
  4. I must be perfect ==> replace with ==> I can be human
  5. I don’t have time to play ==> replace with ==> I must take time to play

This book has such a unique take on procrastination. Everything he talks about how and why people procrastinate – I can relate to. I have a plan setup for the next one week. I will be following the techniques taught in this book and see how I fare.

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