Great Day!

Today was such a good day for me. It was warm all day. I took off from work to finish up a lot of backlogged work on various projects – just to get a hold on where things are. I was amazed as how much it changes everything when the weather is so warm. I am not a big fan of working from home, but today was totally different. I did two things different though –

1. Did Sun Salutations – a yoga procedure -in the morning.
2. Immediately start working without checking whats happening on net/blogs/news etc.

I never realized that how much sun salutations can charge me up. I just finished reading “Perfect Health” and in it Deepak Chopra talks about how exercise should give a person energy rather than sap it out of him/her. This is a super charger for me. Another thing was that I spend about 1 hr going through the news and popular links of the day etc. This kinda distracts me and I end up starting my work very late.

So, I finally managed to prepare well for my Arabic class in the evening. Over all it was such a productive and energized day. Kinda ironic that I had to take a day off to get such a day.

Author: akbar

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