Intelligent Skills Recruiter – An Idea

As I was talking to my colleague about how a modern job site should be like – the conversation moved into a very innovative direction. We have seen regular job search sites like, Monster, Dice which cater to a wide array of needs. But if you see ads on those sites, you would observe they mostly deal with full time jobs. That too, they consider a ‘person’ as an entity. Wouldn’t it be cool if you drill it down to a ‘skill’ rather than a person? Let me explain. On the other end of the spectrum, you would find Craigslist which also has job openings, but more informal and cheap options. There too, a lowest level you can drill down to is a ‘person’.

So, here is an idea about a job search engine which would treat ‘skills’ as an exchange commodity. And looking at how fast Globalization is changing the world, I really don’t care if the skills are from India, Estonia, or Ukraine. So, a person who wants to get a project done will approach this ‘job site’ and go through a step by step process to describe his needs. So, for example – I need a project to be done in 2 months – the skill sets I am looking at are: C++, Oracle, Javascript and Adobe Photoshop. Now to find a person who has these skills would be very difficult. But to find people who have these skills individually is easy. So, I can also select my budget for the project and how much share I am willing to give it to C++ skills when compared to Javascript skills.

The second step would be – the intelligent job search agent would look at all the skilled people registered at the site and look at their conditions. Like if I am a developer then I would say – I can only work for 30$/hour rate and I can only spend 20 hours per week. So, look at the project – the site would intimate all the relevant skills people and show them how much share of monies they would get for that gig.

It’s like you are assembling a dynamic team which is based in any part of the world and who can spend certain amount of their time for that particular skill set.  An intelligent algorithm would also keep other candidates(developers) in queue, in case the first round of people default or say No.

Using this site, a Javascript programmer can spend all his time just doing a Javascript on different projects and make money out of it. I kinda vaguely remember that I sort of have come across something like this – but can’t put my finger on it now. But I do think, it’s about time we look at job market rather as skills than people. I am pretty sure that this won’t work out in a full time employee job situation. This is cool and useful to people like me who wants to be traveling and  still keep making money through computer gigs.

Author: akbar

Ramblings on Ideas, Creativity, Technology, and Spirituality.

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