Dynamic Affirmation Maker

Listening to The Secret has changed my life. The whole idea how “The Secret” came to me was mystical. My brother-in-law talked about it to my wife and then I never heard of it till we were visiting one of our friends in SF and plan to spend an afternoon with them. They happen to have the movie and they invited us to watch it with them. I was immediately drawn to it. I bought the audio book and since then it has changed my life so much.

It’s a little bit difficult to follow it on a daily basis. It takes time and discipline. But as my day gets busier and crazier, I often lose perspective and get pulled into the day. I get controlled by circumstances instead controlling them. I was thinking on those lines as to how I can fix that. How can I be always aware? I need to tie that up with something which I do all the time. I work all my day on my laptop and I listen to my music collection all the time. Bingo! I know how I can be aware at least when I am working on my laptop.

So, the idea is to create a online affirmation generator. So, you basically build a site with pre-populated affirmations. You can pick one of the affirmations and then you can say whether you like a male or female voice. You can also pick a celebrity’s voice saying your affirmation. This needs to worked out and I am sure there are celebrities out there would lend their voices for such a nice thing. Then you can pick up your background music – this could be classical, guitar strings or some mantras – something mellow not over powering the affirmation. Pick a duration – how long you want your affirmations to last? 10 mins, 20 mins.

Then once you submit it – this would generate a .mp3 file dynamically with all the affirmations you picked and with all the settings you selected. Then I can save this mp3 on my iPod and listen to it whenever I want and reinforce my affirmations!

I have a sample screen grab, if you have no idea what I am talking about.

Affirmation Form

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