Montage – An Idea

Long long time back, (at least 2 years I guess) – I came up with an idea of how we can create software for creating a montage of images. I mean not just a montage, but a montage that would looks like some picture in a bigger perspective. So, the steps for this would be something like this..

  • You would pick a end result picture. For example – a close up of your favorite movie star.
  • Then you would go ahead and pick all the photo’s from your personal collection.
  • Then you would tell the software – what would be the size of the image you want to create.
  • Then the software would re-arrange all the images depending on the lightning and colors etc, in such a way that the bigger picture would look like your end result image.
  • The software can tune up the colors a bit if it can’t find an image that would match a corner of the montage, but it’s changes to the photos should be minimal.
  • You can take it up a bit if you want to get the images from public domain or from Flickr
  • The final Montage can be saved and printed at any print shop like Ink2

Just to give you a perspective of what I have in mind, if you have seen the movie – “Dream Girls” in there somewhere there is a scene which shows Beyonce’s picture on the wall. The whole wall is covered with her picture. Imagine, if we collected all our photographs and created Beyonce’s photo instead of lowing up a regular photo.

Update: What a coincidence? The day I blog about Montage creating idea, I come across something that does what I described.

Author: akbar

Ramblings on Ideas, Creativity, Technology, and Spirituality.

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