Hand Painters Network – An Idea

Hand Painters Network would be creative network of artists who would hand paint things of imagination, photos, ideas, concepts and thoughts. It would work in the following way.

  1. A user would submit a photo of his childhood to the website.
  2. You also specify the price you are willing to give and time you have.
  3. This would get posted to all the artists, some of them who choose to take up the project.
  4. Say, for example – 5 artists draw up your childhood photo using various colors and hand painted them.
  5. They get posted as reply to your photo.
  6.  You pick the best photo that you like.
  7. The artist gets paid the amount you specified
  8. You hold the rights to the painted photo. You can get it printed at any digital printers like Ink2.
  9. Or better you can make a poster of it.

What I like the best of this is – this is such a creativity task when you want to draw/paint up a idea or concept. Our figment of imagination, a community logo etc.

Author: akbar

Ramblings on Ideas, Creativity, Technology, and Spirituality.

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