Being ‘Flex’ible

I have a dream. I am taking small steps to realize this dream. The dream is to build a on demand, online e-education framework. The framework should take care of all the details of running a successful online education/training program. It should be extensible, usable and most importantly simple.

I have been toying with this idea for a long, long time. Sangita is a witness to my dilemma for a long, long time. My main problem/opportunity is that I want to build it using mostly open source technologies. And education/training involves, audio, video. I explored a lot of technologies that would do this. I was a fan of Open Laszlo for a while. But it is not mainstream. I love the employees – I met so many of them when I went for a meeting couple of months back in SF. But the documentation is feeble and mailing list is not that active. So finally today I dropped Laszlo off my list.

I have been hovering around Flex since it came out with version 1.0. But I was never convinced with it as it came along with a lot of bells and whistles which I didn’t need. Even after Bruce Eckel turned into a Flex evangelist, I didn’t go for it because me and my friend Jorge were worried about being locked in Adobe’s proprietary grip.

But today I have decided that I would be a little flexible with Flex and go ahead and try it. I have a 15 day trial version of Flex developer and I intend to learn Flex in these 15 days and create an amazing application which would have never been possible with DHTML & Ajax. Once I do that, I will decide whether I should go with Flex or not. I will keep updating my blog with my new learnings.

Author: akbar

Ramblings on Ideas, Creativity, Technology, and Spirituality.

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