Inspired Action

It’s been such a long time, I have been wanting to write about Inspired Action. Sangita arrived and we happily got back to our good old discussions. Earlier they used to take place while we hike Oakland hills, now they just happen when we travel in a pollution filled tar roads of Hyderabad. But never the less, the quality is same.

We were discussing what is the difference between Action and Inspired Action. Lot of people know what Action means. They do it all the time. Their job, work, home stuff etc. We are all familiar with action concept. But is this what defines great people? Why was Mother Theresa inspired to so much work? What makes Narayana Murthi tick? How does Steve Jobs go about his day? Irrespective of what field you choose, you will find some people who are front runners. Not because someone asked them to do so, but they are inspired and driven from within.

Action people wait for some orders to come along. Inspired action people don’t wait for opportunities they are part of the opportunity. They are so engrossed and in love with what they do that they don’t see the part of doing at all. They are just in a state of being. Inspired action leads to being and becoming of what one dreams.

As the auto wallah took a tipsy turn, I talked about my new job and how action and inspired action fit into it. When I joined I was inspired and I was charged. As the days went by and I hit road blocks one after another, I kinda got down to action level. I realized that I was functioning from action mode – where I wait for things to fail and then I go fix them. This works fine and would probably be good enough to earn my salary. But it leaves me with deep dis-satisfaction. I realized that this was also the reason why I didn’t enjoy my previous job. After some time it becomes monotonous and trite. I won’t be able to live my dreams if I function from the place of action. So, during the discussion I realized that how only couple of days of insipid and boring tasks can bring my whole morale down.

So, I realized it and switched to Inspired Action. Submerged inside my project and thinking ahead of the situations kept my head above the water. After doing it consistently now I am beginning to like what I am doing and also not put off my roadblocks. Inspired action is the way to go!

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