Nostalgic Thoughts

Sometimes my thought wander into past. These are very different from the usual mind chatter. These are very nostalgic and remind me of a feeling that I had long time back. When I was in US, bright mornings would push me into my nostalgic thoughts and feelings. I would think about India and wonder how I wish I want to be there. I missed the morning coffee and the news paper. I missed the shade of our house falling on the dirt road. I missed the talk of the passerbys’.

Now that I am in India, sometime I am reminded about US. Weird enough, rain reminds me of US. The way sky turns dark before rain, reminds me of my days in US. I was surprised to find that I am missing my days in US. Today I was very deeply thinking about the days me and Sang spent in Oakland. I do miss those days. Devoid of all this noise here. Those were some wonderful days spent warmly with friends. Those were some amazing discussions we had among ourselves. Those were some beautiful evenings we spent together. Those were some good old days of Rotisserie chicken and some Yellow tail wine. Those were some very good days of fun, frolic and merriment.

Today while coming back from work I was reminded of those days. I am not sure when I will get to see those days again. But I was thinking how we decided to move back to India. One thing we miss though here is – people we meet don’t have any clue as to what it means to uproot our lives and move to another place. We feel lost sometimes in the things, crowd and noise here. I was reminded that it was our decision to move here. It was a sweet decision we took after we saw in our minds how this trip to India will have permanent marks on our lives.

I look forward to days filled with blessings. I look forward to days filled with amazement. I look forward to days filled with so many stories to write about here in India. I am looking forward to new people, new places and new friends.

Author: akbar

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