Me, Myself and My Goatee

India is a country where you get feedback about random things – just like that and immediate. As a part of hacking my life, I have decided to grow a goatee (well, it has been Sang’s idea from the past 2 years). As we were going on a 10 day trip, I chose that as an opportunity to grow one as I would be away from home.

Our American friends were, as usual, very nice. They said it was good and it looked nice. The feedback was not immediate as in India as in US it is considered to be rude to comment on someone’s physical thingys. Sangita is excited. When we got back, I got a bunch of feedback though:

“You look too old in your goatee”My Mother

“You look like you are a father to 4 kids”My Sister

“Goatees’ bring good luck to some and bad luck to some. Be careful and watch which bucket your Goatee belongs to”My Another Sister

“May be you should shave off your beard and keep the Mustache”A Collegue

“You look weird”A Collegue

“You look so different”A Collegue

“What happened to you????”A Friend

“Did you forget your razor on your trip?”A very common joke from everyone

“Ah……Akbar…..Ummmm….Ah”A bunch of people

“Hmm.”A girl

“Looking Hot”Sang

“Ow, Ow. Nice”Shyam

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