Quick Parthi Trip

As me and Sangita like to live life on a really, really sharp edge (this happens to be true only when we are in India) – we decided on Thursday that we will go visit Swami for 1 day. So, we left for Parthi on Friday night. I have visited Parthi about 10 times so far. Every time I go with Sang, there is some new insight which I realize.

This time it was a different trip from the previous ones too. I had only 2 small darshans’ of Swami but I was very content. I didn’t fight with other devotees to grab a place in first line! I was not really irritated by people falling on top of me. I just moved away from them. I stayed in my own little world and enjoyed the few moments of Swami I had. I think as time goes on we are reaching a stage where we see and admire Swami for His teachings rather than his form. Which is nothing new, as Swami himself has been advising this from years. It took me a while to come to this point.

I also happen to attend Prof. Anil Kumar’s talk. He is funny and insightful as usual. But one thing stuck with me  from his talk. There was someone who asked a question to him that – when we have so many books, literature, missions about peace how come the world is still in trouble. His answer was – yes, we do have a lot of literature, books, organizations on reaching peace – but individually we are not practicing the things we are learning.

I pondered on it. It sounded very true to me. I can only speak for myself. I read, listen, think and plan a lot of things. On an average, I practice only 20% of what I read. What would happen if I implement, practice 100% of what I read or preach. What if I walk the talk 100%? I think that was the take home lesson I got from our quick Parthi trip. I intend to practice 100% of what I read, think & plan.

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