I am believing more and more that there are more and more synchronous coincidences happening in my life. Every time it happens it kinda amuses me and leaves me with such a good feeling in my stomach. I become more and more thankful to Universe for the way it showers it’s love on me.

I believe we attract into our lives what we focus on. What we hold the images in our minds, think and ponder on we manifest. I have seen 2 such events recently in my life.

1. I was browsing for good spiritual music in a music store in Hyderabad. I came across a CD called “Turiya Nada“. As I read the details on the CD, I instantly liked it and I bought it. I love the music. Its’s composed by Sages who are in high meditation state and the whole music is composed based on perfect alignment of stars, planets etc. Whatever may be the case, the music is amazing.

Turiya Nada

Before I tell you more about the CD, I need to tell you about Wayne Dyer. Long time back I was listening to one of his audio books and he talks about how music affects our body muscles. There is a very popular experiment associated with it, as to how rock, metal or any music with high pitches and noise level makes our muscles weak. Any music which is soft and peaceful actually makes our muscles stronger. This has been calibrated medically. So in that book Wayne Dyer constantly talks about another guy called David Hawkins. David Hawkins found a method to calibrate the body muscles and it’s strengths. So using his calibration it was proved that music affects our bodies physically.

So I got inspired and I bought a book by David Hawkins called Power Vs. Force – which is all about these calibrations and very detailed explanation of how Power comes from with in and Force is external etc.

Power vs. Force

Now I bought this CD and I was listening to it and enjoying the music. I actually didn’t checkout the booklet which came with it and I kinda forgot about it for a while. One day when I was commuting, I happen to play with the CD box and started reading about the music and how it affects our states. There it was:

A testament to its potential, Turiya Nada scored between 1000-1250 on Dr David Hawkins’ consciousness calibration scale, which computes one’s consciousness level through applied kinesiology methods!

Dang. I bought the CD which calibrated highest through the methodologies  described in a book which I read last year. I didn’t even knew about it when I bought the CD! This may sound normal, but it does affect me at a very deep level. It touches me deep and tells me how I am the creator of my own reality.

2. Couple of days back, I realized that there are too many books I want to read and I am not tracking it properly. I tried Amazon’s wish list but didn’t work the way I want it to. I checked out Shelfari which is ok but too much flash and the site has a horrible interface. It spams me a lot and bugs the hell out of me. So I decided to do a page on my blog on my own.

On this page I list out all the books I want to read and I have been asking my friends to recommend me any book which they think I should read. I put it on there.

I am a big fan of the simple dollar and couple of days back I happen to see a review of a book – called “Happier” – on that site which I decided that I will put it on my future reading list. So I did. Today as I was sharing some of my audio books with my friends, one of my friend at work – MVK – said he too has some audio books he can share. I was intrigued to see what he has. Lo and behold, he has the book “Happier” with him. Dang Gina. What a random way to find a book in audio format which I wanted to read from some other website. When I saw that audio book, I actually shuddered inside. I was shocked. The pure coincidence is kinda scary sometimes.


Now I was mentioning about this book to Sangita and she said I should make this book reading into a Manifestation Exercise. So, I have decided that I will keep making my future reading list, but I won’t buy any of those books. I would want to attract these books into my life through Law of Attraction. I want to try it out and want to keep track of how those books fall into my lap from no where.

I am really excited about this new experiment as I have seen and experienced in my life how I can manifest things and its kinda giving me goose bumps right now.

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