Travel, Travel & Travel

I have been on the move from the past 4 weeks. I didn’t realize how packed my days, weeks are going to be when we planned it. It all started long time back. Shyam’s wedding plans have been going on from last year. Even though we were never actively part of his wedding plans, we were prepping ourselves in various ways. We went to Chicago first. It was nice to be part of the family preparations. It was nice to eat home made amazing Indian food. And there was this extra tradition of offering the food to God before we eat it – may be it does enhance the taste of it. I loved it.

After one week of talking about the next week and preparation we drove to Cleveland. We were greeted with much more love and affection. Sangita’s family friends came to our rescue. We stayed in their homes and became part of their family. Their kids gave up their rooms for us. To think of these kids who are about 15, 12, 7 yrs old and so thoughtful just blows my mind away.

That week was the most fun one. We had Shyam’s court wedding, traditional temple wedding, Sangeeth, and a grand reception. I could write pages about each of those days, but I am just gonna keep it short.

From Cleveland we drove up to NJ & NY. Met our good old friends and had such a fun time. Finally we got back Oakland last week and we drove to Santa Barbara for Sangita’s school stuff. We spent last week by wonderful beach.

Now we are back in Oakland and I am leaving for India day after tomorrow! Can’t believe everything is happening so fast. I am pretty sure I would be travelling a lot in India. I am a bit tired of all the moving too. Actually I feel jet lagged even before I have started. Hehe.

There, that’s my travel update.

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