Hey Shyama Sundara

Such a beautiful bhajan. Just stirs & stirs my soul away….

Hey Shyama Sundara Hey Sai Sundara
Parthi Pureeshwara Hey Sai Sundara
Hey Shyam Sundara Hey Sai Sundara
Neela Megha Sundara Neeraja Lochana
Brahmadanayaka Hey Sai Sundara

Author: akbar

Ramblings on Ideas, Creativity, Technology, and Spirituality.

8 thoughts on “Hey Shyama Sundara”

  1. Correction “Neela Megha Sundara Neela Chalo Jana”
    should be “Neela Megha Sundara Neeraja lochana”

    Composed by Sunam Gyamsto

  2. Correction: Composed by Sir TV Hariharen. Beautifully after watching a movie with a similar song composed by Sri Illaiyaraja

  3. Neeraja lochana is correct and the meaning is lotus eyes. If you want to listen the correct version of this song please listen the one in youtube which was sing by TN hariharan’s friend TS Radhakrishnan.

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