Getting a out of state vehicle registered in CA

After spending 3 hours at DMV and realizing all the mistakes -I figured people waste time at DMV because it’s not explained clearly what to do and what to expect. Here is a checklist and a process list – if you want to register a out of state vehicle in California.


  1. Get the paperwork – Vehicle title (signed by the seller), Registration documents.
  2. Get the form at the counter for registration & transfer of title.
  3. Get a screw driver to get your number plates out.
  4. Get a novel, magazine to read while you wait.
  5. Have a smart phone with you handy so that you can check FB status.
  6. Make a note of odometer.
  7. Check card. No credit cards please.
  8. 2 days before get a smog test done.


  1. Once you get the form and a token number – fill in the form.
  2. Go back to parking lot, get your Vehicle Verified/Inspected.
  3. Get the license plates off of the car
  4. Wait
  5. Read
  6. Browse
  7. When they call you – present your ID, The form, Vehicle inspection, Smog check
  8. It will cost you about $250
  9. Get out of there as soon as possible.

If only this was explained as simple as above at the DMV site, I could have saved couple of hours. Phew.

Author: akbar

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