History – Very interesting

I have never been a big fan of History. In school we all went through Indian history, World history etc – but my sole purpose in learning those was to just get some good grades and go to the next class/level. Recently I happen to be browsing the history aisle of Barnes and Nobles and I decided on checking out some of the books there. I did come across a very interesting book and I was hooked.

It’s called ‘A little history of the world’ by E.H.Gombrich.

I love that book. I think this book taught me more about History than all my schooling did. I know it doesn’t cover everything comprehensively but the way it’s explained is awesome. The best part of reading it has been how my imagination flares up. I can literally close my eyes and see everything that is being described in the book before my eyes. I love it. I love watching futuristic movies because at some level I love to see how these artists think the future is going to be. But now I think history has the equal interesting things to show and teach something.

I would highly recommend it.

Author: akbar

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