Ideas are everywhere

I have come to believe that ideas are everywhere. I think our problem solving minds are always churning away ideas – some are really cool and some are not so much. But I think we are always making them. I also believe that by some cosmic design every time there is a cool idea that comes to you, it’s also given to some 7+ other people on the planet. It’s like our minds are these attraction points for ideas and when we have a good idea – just remember that it was also given to some other people at the same time.

So, ideas are everywhere – but that doesn’t mean shit. What matters is implementation. Doesn’t need to be perfect or anything but any implementation is a right direction. You see all these ideas are nothing but potential for something great and they want to use us to express themselves. If we don’t honor them with implementation – they would seek someone who would.

I learned this lesson the hard way. I have a notebook where I write down all the cool ideas I think would be good. I sat on it for way too long. Last year I had this very cool idea about a mac app which would be like a network point for everything to connect how you read, bookmark, archive and share any kind of documents, ideas, links etc. I made a small plan and worked with my friend Kamal to get the rough version sorted out. But after 0.1 version life got busier and I put a halt on it. I never visited it. Yesterday I was browsing App Store and I came across like 5 apps which do the same. These apps didn’t exist last year and now they are selling for $15 a piece. Wow.

What a waste of time and energy if you don’t follow up with your ideas. I was aiming perfection and the rough edges on my 0.1 version didn’t inspire me much and I lost a whole lot opportunity to have my own app out there. Sorry Kamal – we could have been rich!

So, having a great idea means nothing. It just means that you are one of the chosen few that Universe trusts in to make that idea happen and it’s a big responsibility from there on to make it happen. It doesn’t need to be perfect – just good enough and shipped out.

Author: akbar

Ramblings on Ideas, Creativity, Technology, and Spirituality.

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