November Books

I buy and read a lot of books. But there has been no pattern to it. I mean, I start like 5 books and then close up on them in like a year. But whats happening with that mode is – I do get to think about ideas a little longer (or forget about them and re-read them) but I am missing the connections. I like it when I read a couple of books and my mind when it’s idle, just starts to connect things. Like when I was reading The Whole Brain Child (Highly recommend it for parents and would be parents) – I was able to connect a lot of ideas to how we perceive time – past, present and future.

To give a structure – I am going to try a new method. I am going to try to read and finish 3-4 books next month. I will take notes and document all the ways that my mind creates connections. I will write a post about it at the end of the month. Here are the 4 books I am considering. At the outset it may looks this is a total random selection, but I see some similarities in them. And that is the goal of reading this month to make the connections.

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