Gen Z

I am a big fan of Gen Z. I know that this recent mid-term elections are influenced by them and they played a critical role in stopping the said “red wave”. But in addition to that, I have had many opportunities working with them in various places.

In my previous job, gen z were the most eager to learn and test out new things. They were so open to input, feedback. The super interesting thing about Gen Z, in my opinion is that they are super talented and don’t take them that seriously. So, if one connects with them with the not so serious part of them, then we would learn more about the skills part of them.

In my current job, recently I had an opportunity to meet a couple of my colleagues who are Gen Z. They all are so super talented, humble and open minded. The value system is liberal, freedom and caring about planet. I came back from my trip being thankful for being able to work with such great humans.

Here in Oakland, I had an opportunity to get involved with local org either with learning more about blockchain or volunteering for Oak. In both cases, those revolutions and change are being led by Gen Z! It’s pretty impressive to be part of those communities and watch the Gen Z lead.

I for one am happy to work with Gen Z and have great faith in that generation!

Author: akbar

Ramblings on Ideas, Creativity, Technology, and Spirituality.

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