Book Log

I love books. Having a soft corner for a printed form from my childhood has given wings to my imagination. I usually come across a lot of books that I want to read or add it to my future reading list. I want to use this space to capture those books in one place and also list out my favorite books. If you think there is any book I should checkout, please post a comment and I will add to my future reading list. Thanks for your interest.

Book(s) I am reading now:


My Favorite Books:

Autobiography of a YogiPerfect HealthConversations with God Book 1Confessions of an Economic Hitman

The Tao of Physics

Leadership and Self-Deception

My Future Reading List:

The Singularity is NearMindful BrainPeace is every stepBringing down the houseGodel Escher BachThe Immortal GameThe Stuff of ThoughtDeep EconomyThe Way of ZenHappierStraight from the GutIf the buddha got stuckIn Days of Great PeaceThe Story of PhilosophyFeynman Lectures on ComputationHistory of GodWealth of NationsThe Origin of SpeciesCryptonomiconYour money or your lifeAmusing ourselves to deathThe Act of CreationThought and LanguageThe Republic - PlatoVisual ThinkingRelativity VisualizedThe Double HelixFractal Geometry of NatureThe Fountainhead

6 thoughts on “Book Log”

  1. You need to read the Mindful Brain, by Dan Siegel. I just saw him talk at Spirit Rock. The book is about the neuroscience of meditation.

  2. Deep Economy by Bill McKibben is a must read. It gives insight to what a sustainable economy would like more like in the US, particularly. Would be interesting to see the implications on India. Holler!

  3. Hi, I read your blogs regularly and like them a lot. You might wanna check out “In Days of great Peace” by Mouni Sadhu. Suggesting this since you have listed books on spirituality in the above list.

  4. The 5 people you meet in heaven by Mitch Albom; Dialogues with the Guru by Sri Chandrashekhara Bharati Swaminah, Surely you’re joking, Mr Feynman by Richard P. Feynman are some of the books I recommend.

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