I have no idea what that means. No amount of googling and playing with word lead me anywhere.

Last night I had a sliver of chance to meditate before I went to sleep and then I had this completely vivid dream. Before going to bed I did read Steve Jobs’ sister’s eulogy . I was very moved. I mean to see a complete human perspective of his last days did move me. Then I was reading a post of my friend on FB where she was talking about how Nov 4th is an auspicious day and whatever you choose to become on that day will stay with you for next 29 years. So, with these thoughts I went to sleep. I was wondering what is that I would want? Whether if I want something, would I stick to it for so many years?

Then I had a dream. It was so clear. A group of people were preparing me for some initiation. They kept saying that word – horshito – to me. They were referring to me about the teacher who is going to initiate me. They were telling me not to be weirded out by the methods used by the teacher. Then I was sitting in lotus position and the teacher is sitting in front of me. The initiation is happening. Then I see that I bought some laddus for all the people who are present. There were 192 of them.

Then I hear this shriek and I wake up only to see Sahana playing happily and trying to talk to me. It took me a while to come back to senses. 4:13AM. I tried to jot down fast what I saw. It occurred to me that the guru I saw was Indian spiritual guru – Swami Chinmayananda. I have seen this Swami’s pic before but never paid attention. Only today I learned about him in much more detail.

I have no idea what that means and more perplexingly what horshito meas. My only logic to that is – it’s Harshito in sanskrit which means joy. This sort of thing happened to me couple of years back where I got the word Ruminal Thread

My Calling

I sleep very sound and have very rich and vivid dreams. Most of the time they don’t make sense, sometimes they make me cry and sometimes they just stay. Recently I had one such dream. I woke up and I could recall what the contents of the dream were. I think it was my calling. I am not sure what I else I could make out of it. It just said – make software for leftovers. In my dream I did this software which would keep track of all the leftovers in a restaurant and inform humanitarian groups about it so that they can pick it up and distribute it to homeless or people who are struggling to afford food.

I know I am such a food maniac. I dream of food too. But seriously I got up and started to wonder how feasible anything like that could be? Well, from where I stand it doesn’t make sense. I could just toss the idea away and forget about it. But being the person I am (a little crazy too!) I thought I would give it a mental try. I mean try to envision what and how of the software could be.

So, having been on the learning path of Flex – I think I would build the application in Flex. Here are some more details:

  1. It would be a Flex application
  2. It would have both a browser edition as well as AIR version.
  3. Leftover maintenance in itself is not a good enough functionality for restaurants – so I would have to build in the functionality for keep track of table assignments (visually would be cool), keep track of orders, A visual graph of wait times computed (to give an idea to the patrons), menus, billing if it’s possible etc
  4. Within this app – there would be a leftover tracker. It doesn’t have to describe what’s leftover but just say how much food or how many people’s food is left.
  5. Someone human needs to do a QC before food is given away
  6. Imagine this software running on College avenue and in one shot you can assess the leftover food and probably feed all the homeless that hangout there (let’s drop our judgments about the kind of people who hang out there for a moment please)

So, there. It doesn’t sound too hard for me. In fact it’s fun and hey I can always blame it on my dream if I screw it up. I am not sure whether it’s my calling or not but I usually don’t get dreams that end up with a message. So, I have 3 months for this pet project which I will work on and if any of you guys are reading this and want to be part of it somehow – shoot me an email(akbarpasha at gmail dot com).