Being Myself

Today I had another productive meeting with David. We talked about how procrastination is so common and David suggested some cool techniques which I plan to follow for the next 1 week to see how it works out. It all has to do with taking one small step at a time. I also need to make sure that 1 little step better be focussed and firm. I have to keep in control my distractions. I agreed that when I was following ‘The Now Habit” book – I enjoyed my working states of 30 mins each. The way  it works is – I would work for 30 mins with no distractions and then take a break and repeat.

So here are some guidelines for myself to remember while I am on my path to this:

  1. Keep the end in mind
  2. Take small steps
  3. Give and enjoy my 100% during that small step

In this process, I discovered that all the time I am trying to be someone else. All the time I am trying to follow someone else. This has happened somewhere in my life and I didn’t notice it. I am so stuck inside of it that I didn’t even realize it. I also want to practice being myself and being forgiving with minor mistakes I commit.

Author: akbar

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