Packet Learning

Packet Switching is a process which most modern communication systems use to transfer information from one place to another. It’s the process of breaking down large amount of data into small chunks called – ‘packets’. This works wonderfully and all of TCP/IP is based on it. I have realized that I could apply same principle in learning new things, getting things done too. I call it packet learning and packet doing.

I have couple of things that are always going on or I am learning constantly. I have decided that everytime I learn something new, I would write about it and if possible draw about. This is typical me – visual thinking. But I have a hard time to locate a online service which would give me a free hand drawing. I heard Adobe would port it’s Photoshop to online in another 6 months. I would be the first guy to sign up to that.

As for getting things done – the packets way. I am still stuck with some good GTD software that runs on my desktop and stays on top of all windows and also syncs with a online service and my blackberry. I think it’s too much to ask that. But till then, I am exploring couple of systems which I could use.

Author: akbar

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