Phibare Rama Rasam

Now that I am all nostalgic about my life (I think which happens every August) – all the heart wrenching kirtans/songs/bhajans just keep coming to mind. It’s like I am donning a memory based eye glasses. One song which plucks the strings of my memory is – “Phibare Rama Rasam”. It’s from a Telugu movie – Padamati Sandhya Ragam (An Evening of the West) – which explored the cultural differences between India and US. It show cases how we are run by tasks, money, career etc on a day to day basis and how Indians who move here struggle to adapt their lives. It’s a story of a Indian girl falling in love with a White guy (yes, the guy from Hung) and their plight.

I loved the movie but more than that this song which was written by 18th century composer – Sadasiva Brahmendra stuck with me. Here is the video of it – it’s kinda cheesy when you see any Bollywood/Tollywood movie but it’s the essence of it is what moves me.

Here are the lyrics:

pibare rAmarasaM,  rasane pibare rAma rasam

O Mind, drink the nectar of divine name Rama.

janana maraNa bhaya shoka vidUraM
sakala shAstra nigamAgama sAram

It dispels fear and grief from the cycle of birth and death.
It is the quintessence of all the Vedas and other Scriptures.

shuddha paramahaMsAshrita gItaM
shuka shaunaka kaushika mukha pItam

It is the sacred song sung in the hermitages of the holy and enlightened Yogis.
Great Sages Suka, Saunaka and Kousika enjoyed that nectar.

It basically astounds the qualities/attributes of Lord Rama from Hindu religion.

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