5 years

The churning continues. It will be 5 years tomorrow my dad passed away. The silence in me still stays. So many changes that happend in our lives in the past 5 years. We all miss you dad.

Today also happens to be Krishnastami – Birthday of Krishna. We went to Walnut Creek for bhajans – to get hold of some internal peace.

Krishna is a very different deity Рhe has religious side,  philosophical side and folklore side. A lot of Hindus pray to him religiously as God. A lot of them pursue him through his divine song РBhagavadgita. And a lot of people seek him through his folklore stories and how he is an embodiment of pure love. I have been to a Hare Krishna temple only once Рbut their depiction of Krishna is so beautiful and stunning.

Among folklore – you would come across a lot of songs, bhajans and kirtans where gopikas are missing Krishna. The songs and ragas are very touchy. There is one song which kinda matches my mood tonight and which I think is kinda sad raaga – a raaga which comes with deep yearning. It’s a song called – Jai Radha Madhav. The instrumental one I like is here –


It’s the song # 8.

Jagjit Singh’s rendition of the same song is very popular and somedays I just listen to this on loop –

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