The Right to Be in the Right

The soul will emit its blissful waves of love as long as you respond to what is right.

A right is not an act of convenience but it is an act of truth that allows your mind to return to the silence of peace.

You can receive all the wealth of the world but if you have not utilized the wealth of the soul you shall always be in thought that will lead to worry…

It does not matter how much anyone else is right toward you. You are doing the right only to return to yourself the peace you deserve.

You always know what is fully right… Your soul shall always guide you so… It is you that chooses to divert from it slightly only to receive the quick reward.

The one that argues that he is in the right exposes his fear of being slightly in the wrong.

Does it matter what another thinks of you? What matters most is how comfortable you are at every moment with your own Self…

You have the right to be in the “right”. And you have the right to give up any attachment… any desire that comes in its way…

— Seema M. Dewan, Aug 21, 2011

Author: akbar

Ramblings on Ideas, Creativity, Technology, and Spirituality.

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