Thankful for Sahana

This is one of those moments for me where I am taking time to smell the roses. Taking time to appreciate the most valuable thing in my life – my kunjus, Sahana. With day care and all I think I spend about 4 hours with Sahana while she is awake. But those 4 hours are filled with fun and joy. The time me and Sangita spend with her in the evening – taking care of her and watching her grow is amazing. To witness life grow in front of our eyes is fascinating.

Sangita does a lot to take care of Sahana and I get to do a lot of fun tasks with Kunjus. The other day she learned to splash her hand in water. The way she reacted was completely out of this world. That particular moment of discovery of something new and how that brings her joy is worth watching. After she goes to sleep – I love to watch her sleep. Completely in peace and security. The way she snuggles up to me in the night brings me smile. Oh and the talks – the early morning speeches she gives to the audience of 2 are hilarious. “Ba babababababa blah”. I don’t need an alarm, Sahana’s nails scratching my nose do a far better job.

I am thankful for my kunjus. I am thankful for my Sahana. Thank you Swami for your blessings.

Author: akbar

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