Noisy in here

There are times I feel very disturbed and it gets to a stage where it’s completely noisy inside my head. Multiple things passing by completely aggravating my situation. Outside it’s all calm and silent. I can see things, people but inside it’s a warzone. The blaring TV hurts more and more, the stupid soapy story bleeds my mind. Nothing helps.

I was in a shock today. I happen to chit chat with a complete stranger and 20 mins later realized that I revealed things that I have been guarding for many ages. The shield was off and I caught myself a little too late. Then I realized that all this noise in my head is making my filters go haywire. I can’t figure out what to filter and what not to.

The last sane resort I have in this kinda of situation is to journal. Well, the actual paper journal. This blog is just an extension of what I write. I did that and feel a little stable but still tipsy. Don’t know, can’t think of a solution.

Ever wonder that there are times, where you want to just let it out, vent, veer, wobble, wander – and wish someone had a just a little quieter mind than yours and listen to what you are saying without interrupting every 30 seconds? Ever wonder that there are occasions where you don’t want to hear probable solutions to your problems but you just want them to hear it? Or may be it’s just me who wants to hear them out – out loud.

I feel that way now.

Author: akbar

Ramblings on Ideas, Creativity, Technology, and Spirituality.

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