Maula Mere Maula

Urdu is a beautiful language. It’s known for it’s poetic nature. The depth of one single word that could touch and invoke so many feelings – is locked in Urdu. Shayari – which is poetry in Urdu is a popular form of entertainment in India. People mix it up with Hindi. Hyderabad is very well know in India for it’s Urdu and specific dialect of it.

Urdu is also extensively used in another form of entertainment called Qawwali. A group performance. Now and then Bollywood adopts few qawwali songs and makes them mainstream. It depends on who writes these songs. Javed Akhtar is one of the few gems who can write beautiful poetic urdu songs. This one which I love is from the movie Delhi 6. It’s kinda hard to translate Urdu to English because there is so much lost in translation. But the core of it, I have it below.

Arziyaan Sari Mein, Chehre Pe Likh Ke Laaya Hoon – All the requests, are written on my face
Tumse Kya Mangu Mein, Tum Khud Hi Samjah Lo…What can I ask from you my Lord, I think you  understand
Ya Maula…, Maula Maula Maula Mere Maula  – Yes Lord… My Lord

Dararein Dararein Maathe Pe Maula – Lines of fate on my forehead
Maramat Mukdar Ki Kar Do Maula, Mere Maula – Take  control of fate/ fortune, my Lord
Tere Dar Pe Jhuka Hoon Meeta Hoon Bana Hoon – Am bowing at your feet, have fallen, and recovered
Marammat Mukdar Ki Kar Doo Maula – Improve my fortune/destiny, O Lord

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