Tata Indicomm’s Customer Care Sucks

I have a 1 Mbps broadband connection at home. I shelled 3 times the regular price of the local internet provider’s connection. I make all my payments on time. I am usually gentle when things don’t work out – giving in some time for those guys to fix things. But recently I have had a terrible experience with Tata Indicomm’s Customer care.

These guys called me on August 23rd to tell me that there won’t be internet access from 25th through 27th because of Ganesh’s nimajjan. I said it was ok as it’s just for few days. But after that it’s like they forgot about me. I called the customer service, starting from 27th September through 3rd October every day twice a day. Those guys who work there are like script monkeys. They just read what they see on the screen. When asked to talk to an Supervisor, they make me wait for 30 mins and then hang up. I don’t mind the money I wasted calling their dumb ass customer service, but I lost so much time and it was such a pain in the butt.

The Supervisors would promise me that it would be fixed tomorrow, as usual. Upon asking how I can reach them tomorrow in case it didn’t get fixed – they say that there is no way I can reach a particular Supervisor. So the system is built in such a way that it protects their employees rather than serving the customers. Since the conversations are not recorded, there is no credibility as to what they say. They can basically say anything and then deny it the next day. And making people harder to reach a Supervisor or the local technician is such a stupid idea.

So, finally the local technician came yesterday and he says that it was the communication gap between the customer service and him that took him so many days to come!!! Fucking kidding me? Communication my ass gap? I wasn’t home when he came over to fix it, but I would have been pissed off pretty bad. I spoke to him on the phone and asked him to leave his phone number at my home in case I need him again. He said yes to me but instead he told my mom he has to check some cable and will be back. And he never came back. He fixed the internet connection, but sneaked his way out. What a professional! I am sure he must have had some stupid gratification by cheating me.

What the hell? Why does India’s well known internet provider has such a sorry ass customer service? It just boggles my mind. They try to save money by hiring some newbie who hasn’t any clue about anything. I am going to make the switch soon. But in India the competitors are usually in the same boat. I heard if I go with Reliance I will have trouble with billing. Phew.

Whatever it is take my advice, if you have Tata Indicomm internet service have the local technician’s cell number on your speed dial. That way you can avoid talking to some thick brained people.