Law of Attraction – The fulfillment

Yesterday on 27th June, I got my first Mac. :-). It’s a MacBook Pro. Exactly after 20 days of intending it I got myself a mac. It’s not like I won a lottery or someone else gave a gift to me. I just realized that we could afford it with all the other things that are going on in our lives. My life has been transformed once I started to live intentionally. Law of attraction rocks and it is directly proportional to your faith in it.

Thank you Universe!

Law of Attraction

I have always wanted an apple MacBook Pro. But backed out so many times. I always liked working on my IBM thinkpad, but MacBook is like a secret desire I have which I always want, but doesn’t want to betray my good old Ubuntu running on my T42. Now I have decided that I am ready for my new MacBook Pro. I am just starting to intend it and by the law of attraction I intend to manifest it. Here is my affirmation to attract a MacBook into my life! I am thankful for my brand new MacBook Pro!

Apple MacBook Pro