Appreciation and Contribution

There are two video sites, I usually hangout on. One is for fun, another one is for inspiration. I am always looking for ideas, inspiration in my environment. So, for fun nothing beats Apple trailers. Other than reading and trying to keep up with the latest movie releases from slashfilm, Apple movie trailers provide me enough fun in my leisure time. Another good source of videos which actually inspire me is at TED. This has an amazing collection of talks which could only be described as the cream of cream. The Rolls Royce of conferences.

So, the other day me and my wife were talking about Antony Robbins and I remembered that he gave a talk at TED. So, we decided to watch it. Now a thing about Tony Robbins. I first heard of him in 1999. I have never read any of his books but had him on the back burner that one day I will pick up one of his books. If you are a movie buff, you would recall that he did make an appearance in ‘Shallow Hall‘.¬† Anyhow, Tony Robbins has this amazing energy in his talk. You listen to him and boom your energy level goes up. So, we were watching this video on TED and he talks about two predominant emotions that we need to take care of. Those are:

  • Appreciation
  • Contribution

Appreciation and¬†ContributionWhat he said, kinda stuck with me for a while. I kept thinking about it and then I realized how these two are connected. It’s a very well known fact among people who live their lives with ‘awareness’ that ‘being grateful’, ‘appreciating’ what we have, actually manifolds what we have. It’s very true. You should try it out some time. Think about something which you have in your life. It could be anything, even including something you don’t like. Find something good about it. Close your eyes and from the bottom of your heart thank the higher force for it. See how it changes. If it’s a problem you thought of, then the problem gets solved. If it’s a possesion you thought about then what you have will increase magically.

But that’s only the first part of the lesson. The most important aspect which most people miss is – contribution. We become grateful for what we have, but we stop at that. We stagnate. That kinda rots the system. So, to solve this we need to start contributing. So, what ever you are thankful for, try thinking of a way of contributing it in someway. The ideal example is ‘Money’. If you are thankful for the money you have, you can make it increase more and more by being thankful for it and also by giving it or passing it on. You see, like the picture above describes – you want to become the ‘Providence Pipe’ rather than a stinking stagnating hole. If you contribute to society, people, friends, relatives often – more and more stuff flows to you.

The whole idea is to become the owner of the pipe, not the owner of the content of the pipe which is ephemeral. As I kept thinking about it – I realized that it was so true. It reminded me of a quote which my dad is to use, “To teach is to learn twice”. Only by passing it on, by teaching (knowledge, wisdom, information) we learn more and more. Irrespective of what it is – knowledge, power, money etc – contribution creates a healthy society as well as healthy individual who is contributing.

Law of Attraction – The fulfillment

Yesterday on 27th June, I got my first Mac. :-). It’s a MacBook Pro. Exactly after 20 days of intending it I got myself a mac. It’s not like I won a lottery or someone else gave a gift to me. I just realized that we could afford it with all the other things that are going on in our lives. My life has been transformed once I started to live intentionally. Law of attraction rocks and it is directly proportional to your faith in it.

Thank you Universe!

Wealth Consciousness

Long time back when I was reading 7 habits by Steven Covey I learned that for everything in this world there is a ‘Core Principle’. There is always one Principle and the practices, implementations and usages are many. Every individual on this planet has his/her own way of practicing some core principle. This stuck with me for a long time and I tried to use it in my software job. When ever I am lost or confused or too many voices around me – I think what is the principle of this thing bothering me? This clears a lot of air and gets me to focus on the core principle and not get bogged down by the many practices that I come across.

Today I realized that this similar concept happens in becoming wealthy. Wealth as such is the principle. The practices of wealth are – money, property, possessions etc. There are many implementations of this one principle of wealth. So, to become wealthy, we can struggle with one of the many or multiple practices and never know or learn about the principle – which is what most of the population does. Or to become wealthy, we can just grasp the principle and then the practices are just details. So, when people talk about making money, buying house and buying car – most of the time the approach is reversed. We are trying to achieve or replicate a practice.

Suppose, my friend bought a house. Which is the most common thing to happen in the Indian community who are based in US. A lot of Indian people consider owning a house is the most important thing. So, my natural thinking after looking at my friend buying a house is to think of buying one too. So, what I am trying to do here is to replicate a practice. The practice is buying a house. When I try to replicate a practice, it may not work out. Because we are all unique beings and we all have unique environments so me copying the practice of my friend may not work out with me. But instead I choose to think of the principle behind it – having a safe place to live in a good neighborhood, it might change my mindset. Now I am thinking more about the principle – which would result in me buying a house or moving to another country etc. By concentrating on principle I get what is suited to me rather than imitating what my friend did.

Similarly, when we want to become wealthy – it is very important to choose to be conscious of the Wealth principle. It could be cash, it could be stocks, it could be Gold, it could be possessions. But it’s very important to think about the principle of wealth and be conscious of it. I may lose my money, but if I am conscious of my wealth then I will always make it no matter how much I lose.

I think this is key thing that differentiates from people who are wealthy and who are not. People who are not wealthy and who want to be one – are wasting time on the practice – like making more money, or owning stuff. But if they shed the practice and just focus on the principle then the Universe will bring in the wealth into their lives from various practices suitable to them.