Wealth Consciousness

Long time back when I was reading 7 habits by Steven Covey I learned that for everything in this world there is a ‘Core Principle’. There is always one Principle and the practices, implementations and usages are many. Every individual on this planet has his/her own way of practicing some core principle. This stuck with me for a long time and I tried to use it in my software job. When ever I am lost or confused or too many voices around me – I think what is the principle of this thing bothering me? This clears a lot of air and gets me to focus on the core principle and not get bogged down by the many practices that I come across.

Today I realized that this similar concept happens in becoming wealthy. Wealth as such is the principle. The practices of wealth are – money, property, possessions etc. There are many implementations of this one principle of wealth. So, to become wealthy, we can struggle with one of the many or multiple practices and never know or learn about the principle – which is what most of the population does. Or to become wealthy, we can just grasp the principle and then the practices are just details. So, when people talk about making money, buying house and buying car – most of the time the approach is reversed. We are trying to achieve or replicate a practice.

Suppose, my friend bought a house. Which is the most common thing to happen in the Indian community who are based in US. A lot of Indian people consider owning a house is the most important thing. So, my natural thinking after looking at my friend buying a house is to think of buying one too. So, what I am trying to do here is to replicate a practice. The practice is buying a house. When I try to replicate a practice, it may not work out. Because we are all unique beings and we all have unique environments so me copying the practice of my friend may not work out with me. But instead I choose to think of the principle behind it – having a safe place to live in a good neighborhood, it might change my mindset. Now I am thinking more about the principle – which would result in me buying a house or moving to another country etc. By concentrating on principle I get what is suited to me rather than imitating what my friend did.

Similarly, when we want to become wealthy – it is very important to choose to be conscious of the Wealth principle. It could be cash, it could be stocks, it could be Gold, it could be possessions. But it’s very important to think about the principle of wealth and be conscious of it. I may lose my money, but if I am conscious of my wealth then I will always make it no matter how much I lose.

I think this is key thing that differentiates from people who are wealthy and who are not. People who are not wealthy and who want to be one – are wasting time on the practice – like making more money, or owning stuff. But if they shed the practice and just focus on the principle then the Universe will bring in the wealth into their lives from various practices suitable to them.

Author: akbar

Ramblings on Ideas, Creativity, Technology, and Spirituality.

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